Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 Puppy Rescue Mission dogs, arrive at Dulles Airport

Puppy Rescue Mission (PRI) Three Dogs Arrive Washington Dulles Airport

One of Three Puppy Rescue Mission Dogs that arrived Washington Dulles International Airport

From wusa9.com: CHANTILLY,  Va. - 

Puppy Rescue Mission transported the three dogs who were 'battle buddies' to U.S. soldiers overseas. Befriended and cared for by troops, the canines, once unwanted and homeless, served  alongside their military saviors,  and are now headed to their soldiers' homes here in the U.S.

Three pups arrived at Dulles Airport on Wednesday from Afghanistan, courtesy of a nonprofit group that helps soldiers bring their furry friends home from war.
Puppy Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that soldiers turn to when they need help bringing their four-legged friends home from war.
Both PRM volunteers and family members greeted the dogs' arrival at Dulles on Wednesday morning to offer them a warm welcome home.
The dogs are: Kelay, whose soldier found him at a checkpoint while doing security detail. The soldier instinctively knew part of his mission was to save this animal from the horror of the life of a homeless dog in Afghanistan. Kelay is now headed to Seattle to live with the soldier's girlfriend until his master returns from  overseas duty.
Kapisa's soldier discovered her on top of a dirt pile while on a mission in southern Afghanistan. She is named after the Kapisa Valley, where her soldier lost two teammates in 2008.
And Cannon was found in Afghanistan by guards when he was just about eight weeks old. Energetic, engaging, full of joy, the puppy was cared for by several soldiers on base, and now will share a life in the U.S. with one of them.
Puppy Rescue Mission states that its purpose is to brings home dogs that befriend, fight alongside of, and provide morale to deployed U.S. soldiers abroad. PRM recognizes the therapeutic value of soldiers being able to bring their war buddies home, and to changes the lives of dogs in war zones where, without the attention and care of their soldiers, the animals face the certainty of potential starvation and abuse.
 From transport in dangerous zones and safe houses, to shots, records, flights ad fostering until soldiers return, PRM ensures each puppy rescue mission is coordinated, safe and funded. A soldier only needs to write a letter to PRM when he or she needs a hand getting a furry friend home, and PRM goes into action. With PRM's help, the pups get to live the lives they deserve with their soldiers and their families--truly the American dream.